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Now I know that generic needles get a bad press, they arn't made to the same standard as the gauged needles and this is shown in the price. Personally I use these guys all the time and I even prefer them for some projects and definatelly when teaching as I find that they're less bouncy and likely to bend than their gauged cousins.

Generic needles come in three different sizes and the tube you'll receive will hold at least 2 of each sort. They're great for all uses and as they're that little bit sturdier than the gauged needles they're perfect for beginners. Once you get into your groove with felting though I would sugest investing in some finer gauged needles for more detailed or specialised projects.


Each tube contains -

2 long - thick needles

2 medium - medium needles

2 short - thin needles

1 extra needle - either long, medium or short


Needles come in a sealed reusable plastic tube and I recomend that you keep them in this when not in a handle or in use as the tube will protect your needles from the elements and potential rust and also will protect you from the needles. 

Remember, needles are sharp and should be kept away from children, pets and that person you know who's going to pick them up, ask "what's this?" and then promptly stab themselves (we all have at least one in our lives). 

Generic felting needles


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