This is one of my new kits! They are based on my YouTube videos under the name "The Crafting Chez" and are designed to use the videos instead of instructions, meaning that I can keep the price low and you get to have a go at felting along with me withouth having to buy in a lot of materials. Each bag should contain enough to make at least one of whatever I'm making. 

This perticular kit is based on the idea of a tunneling rabit, I've given it my own little twist by turing it into a brooch so that you can either attach it to your Easter wreith or wear it. And remember, your bunny isn't just for Easter, you can wear it all year long!

The front of the kit has a link to the relevant YouTube video and the back has a list of what's incuded. 

Please note that kits now contain a collection of three generic felting needles in small, medium and large and so are not suitable for children.

The kit contains - 

Some acrylic felt ovals

Carded cream and pink Corriedale wool fibre

Needle and thread

A broock back

Three generic felting needles in small, medium and large


You will also need -

A felting pad, I use a cloth bag filled iwth rice

Finger protectors



These items are not incuded in the kit but are available on this website if you don't already own them. 

Colours may vary slightly from those shown.  

Easter Bunny's Bum Brooch Kit